In Store Service

Computer Connection has the best equipped service department in the North Bay. We have a nine station service department. We have four systems dedicated to moving/recovering/backing up your data. We can fix and upgrade systems in our store or at your location (see onsite service).

Standard stuff we do:

  • Fix virus/spyware infestations
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Operating systems, driver and software problems
  • Install your applications, printer or scanner software.
  • RAM Upgrades in all sorts of computers
  • Hard drive, optical drive and memory upgrades in notebooks
  • Desktop Main boards, Video cards, Soundcards, Network Cards, Hard Drives, DVD/RW Upgrades
  • Move your data from an old computer to a new computer
  • Data retrieval from failing hard drives.
  • Move your data to fast solid state hard drive
  • Remove traces and programs from fraudulent remote support services

Cool stuff we do:

  • Fix broken operating systems
  • Resolve Hardware + Software Conflicts
  • Replace Notebook Hard drives
  • Backup your valuable data to a DVD, CD, or USB/Firewire Hard Drive
  • Setup Internet Sharing Solutions at your home or office
  • Setup Wireless Networking at your home or office
  • Evaluate your PC and suggest the best 'bang for the buck' upgrade

Crazy stuff we have done recently:

  • A single pc with 7 monitors!!!
  • Installing PC based Video Capture and Editing Hardware + Software
  • Recovered all of the Data from a hard drive that appeared to be blank
  • Navigation GPS and Single Side Band Configuration for Boat notebooks

What we DON'T do:

  • Fix cell phones or tablets
  • Fix printers